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Dog Sitting, Doggie Daycare, Overnight Boarding

Dog Sitting, Doggie Daycare, Overnight Boarding

Paws University 73-4259 A Hawaii Belt Road Kailua-Kona, HI (808) 325-6436 Paws University is a fantastic facility that offers dog boarding (Starting at $32.45/day), doggie daycare ($25/day; offered Mon – Fri. 7am – 6pm and Sat. 7am – 4pm ) and now CAT boarding (Starting at $22.50/day).  Discounts are available for multi-day/multi-pets.  Puppy Boarding School (a one-month program designed for puppies between ages of 4 – 7 months old) and Paws-itive Change Boarding School (for dogs over 6 months old who are displaying undesirable problem behaviors) are programs designed around the specific need of the dog enrolled.  To ensure their safety, each animal is carefully screened prior to playing and socializing while at Paws for the day, overnight, or during extended visits, and integrated into the supervised play group that best suits them.  Owner and operator Allen and Lana Daniels are passionate about their business, and Allen (who is a very experienced and knowledgeable dog trainer) is happy to meet 1-on-1 with dog owners to tackle any questions you may have...

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