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Pu’u Wa’awa’a – Halapepe Trail (North Kona)

(Currently, the Halapepe Trail is the only trail at Pu’u Wa’awa’a that allows dogs although there are future plans to allow them on other trails that are being constructed by volunteers.)

Directions: Traveling from either Kailua-Kona or Waimea on Mamalahoa Highway (Hwy. 190), find the mauka turn for the trailhead between the 21 and 22 mile markers (closer to the 21 mile marker). It is just south of the hill that goes up to Puu Lani Ranch and Big Island Country Club.  Drive along a white pipe fence until you reach a metal gate. Go through the gate and close it behind you (this area is still used for grazing stock). The gate is unlocked daily from 6am – 6pm.

**Note: We have not hiked this trail YET.  There are no trailhead signs that we could find, but we ‘think’ it is best to park just inside this gate pictured below and follow the fence-line/trail to the left side of this photo (gate).  We believe this is the Halapepe Trail.  We will investigate this soon and report back to you in June 2016 with more details and photos.  There’s a hunter check-in station up the gravel path (Vulcanite Road) where you might find some trail brochures, but it is best to print the map at home and bring it with you.


Trail length: 1.1 mile loop

Halapepe Trail Visitor Guide

Caution: There are various types of livestock in the area, such as cattle, goats, and sheep.  As stated in the Forest Reserve Rules, dogs must remain on leash at all times.  Cattle seem to ALWAYS be present.  If you need cow manure for fertilizing your garden, consider bringing buckets!  Manure is everywhere!  LOL

IMG_2217 IMG_2219

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