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Lehia Park

Lehia Park

April 26, 2016 

Mahalo to Lava Dogs fan Kristin C. for sharing this dog-friendly coastal spot that sounds perfect for water-loving dogs!

Location: From downtown Hilo, drive east on Kalanianaole Avenue past Richardson Ocean Park until it dead ends.  Continue on the rough dirt road straight along the coast for less than half a mile to where it ends at a large parking area, which is Lehia Park.  Kristin says, “This area is a locals’ hangout.  Locals like to park their cars along this road facing out to the ocean and hang out by their cars.  People going into the tidal pool area park in the big dirt lot.  I don’t recall ever seeing signs with rules so I can’t say for sure what is allowed or not, but I’ve never had trouble walking my dogs there and there are always dogs out there, attached to the locals’ trucks or on the walk to the tidal pools.”

“That is my other favorite spot here for dog walking (besides Reservoir Road).  From the parking lot at the end of the rough dirt road, it is not a long walk along the coast, but it is very pretty and entails wading/(swimming for dogs) through rivers and tidal pools. It is great for dogs that love to swim, and it is a very pretty area for the humans to enjoy too.”  Please click here for a street map and satellite map.

“Once you park, you walk a long the coast, crossing a river twice (one spot can get as high as waist-deep, depending on the tide) and reach the first tidal pool.    A bit further is the 2nd tidal pool.  From there you can access the rocky shoreline, usually battered by large waves, and there are often fishermen out there.  You won’t be able to go much further than the 2nd tidal pool with dogs.  There are trails of use you can follow from the parking lot to the tidal pools, but it is a small area so you can just explore and you’ll find your way to the tidal pools.”

“The entire walk to the 2nd pool is probably not more than half a mile, but it is pretty and involves lots of wading/swimming/exploring.  It is a great area for photography, swimming (the pools are not deep but there are sections where people can splash around, and it is great for swimming dogs), picnics, letting your dog run around and explore while relaxing/reading, tossing tennis balls, etc. to dogs, and so on.  My dog particularly loves to chase the fish…. which is actually what he was doing in some of the pix I sent.”

When To Go: “It never gets super crowded.  The locals hangout area will always fill up, but the parking lot is spacious and there is always room.  On sunny weekend days you’ll usually find one or more groups of people/families at each tidal pool.  This past Saturday was very rainy here. I was there during a break in the rain and had the pools to myself the whole time.  The previous Saturday I was also there and had to share the first pool with three other groups before moving on to the 2nd one, which only had three other people wandering around exploring.”

Mahalo to Kristin C. for the scoops!

Lehia Park 1 Lehia Park 3 Lehia Park 4

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