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Volcano Winery

Volcano Winery

***April 2017 Update: I was contacted by one of our viewers who said someone arrived at the Winery with five dogs who were not under control and who chased the cats who reside on the property.  I confirmed with the Winery owners on July 8, 2017 that the Winery still allows friendly, leashed dogs, but as always, please be extremely considerate and grateful (I tip 30 to 50% any time a place accommodates me and my dog)…Call ahead or at least leave your dog outside and check with management first before arriving with your dog and ask if there’s an area that would be best for you and your pup.  Incidents like this give responsible dog owners a bad image.  This is something we are working hard to change on our island.  And please only bring one or maybe two dogs and only if they are accustomed to being friendly and quiet in public.  This incident greatly upsets us.

35 Piimauna Drive
Volcano, Hawaii  96785
(808) 967-7772
Open Every Day: 10:00 am – 5:30 pm
Website: and on Facebook
Wine tasting: $5.00/standard tasting and $8/premium tasting; May also buy wine by the glass.

Feb. 19, 2017 Review: If you’re like us, you get seriously jealous when you see your mainland friends and their dogs on Facebook enjoying a glass of wine at a dog-friendly winery like Mutt Lynch Winery and their “Yappy Hour” or how about Raymond Vineyards’ Frenchie Winery (named after owner Jean-Charles Boisset’s French Bulldog) built specifically for dogs to romp around and nap afterwards on dog beds made from wine barrels.  Well, we are excited to announce that Volcano Winery allows your leashed, friendly fur babies to join you in the wine tasting room or outside!  We called ahead on this particular Sunday afternoon to get the okay to bring dogs, and they said “Yes!”  To be considerate, we walked in and tucked ourselves into the left hand corner of the bar, ordered a tasting of all their wines (Why not?!) and a cheese and cracker platter (They make these smooth balls of cheese – 4 types – and they are DELICIOUS!!).  We spoke with Theresa who works at the winery, and she said that leashed dogs are fine in the wine tasting room as long as the dog is behaving and there are no complaints from other guests.  She said that they have two cats on the property that are fixed, well-fed, and immunized.  We never saw the cats, but it is definitely something to consider, especially if you do not have a cat-loving dog!

Spike and Holly are so happy that they get to go wine tasting with Mom (Lily)!

Spike and Holly are so happy that they get to go wine tasting with Mom (Lily)!

Volcano Winery Lily and Spike

Spike is detecting notes of cherry and oak in her human’s Pinot Noir.

Volcano Winery Spike 2.19.17

Wine tastings are every day from 10 am to 5:30 pm!










TIP: Mention you are Kama’aina for 20% discount on wine bottle purchases.

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